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Catharine Parker-Littler, RM, DPS/ADM, BSc Midwifery (Hon's),  Other training includes: RN, RSCN.
Catharine Parker-Littler, RM, DPS/ADM, BSc Midwifery (Hon's), Other training includes: RN, RSCN.

Current: Midwifery Director, Midwivesonline & information portals

Professional Profile
Catharine has worked within the UK National Health Service (NHS) for over 25 years. Twenty of those have been spent in Midwifery and Catharine remains an active practitioner.

Catharine's midwifery clinical experience includes Ward Manager, Delivery Suite Co-Coordinator, Transitional Care Manager, community team, case-load midwifery, lecturer in web based clinical search skills for NHS practitioners, conference speaker and author of DK’s 'Ask a Midwife' book for expectant & new parents - translated into 10 other key languages and available across the globe. The book is proving to be a useful resource for student midwives. Catharine also has experience of working within a team of knowledgeable researchers in developing multi-centered, randomized, controlled trials.

Catharine has always had a passion to promote evidence based clinical practice within midwifery, recognizing that this is the key foundation on which midwifery knowledge and care should be built. From here midwives will gain their confidence to continue to develop midwifery through the 3rd millennium. As a result, Catharine developed midwivesonline as a midwifery-led, one-stop information portal where all midwives and related healthcare professionals find hyperlinks to assist in access and retrieval of the latest scientific evidence, chat rooms, courses & conferences, info for 'wannabe midwives'

Due to current challenges in midwifery staffing levels and concerned at the lack of midwifery-led, quality information for parents on the internet, Catharine has used her professional experience to develop UK's leading Ask a Midwife online support service inviting parents to access information relevant to their experience during pregnancy birth and the post-natal period.

Teresa Fleming, administrator
Teresa Fleming, administrator
Behind the scenes, Teresa, our administrator extraordinaire ensures the smooth running of operations at HQ in Bradford. Her work includes regular contact with advertisers, midwives and parents using the site, as well as keeping our paperwork and accounts up to date. She also oversees projects such as Baby Shows and conferences which the team attend to promote the websites and meet parents.

Syed Zeeshan Ali, Applications Developer
Syed Zeeshan Ali, Applications Developer
Syed completed his B.E. in Computer Systems from NED University in Pakistan and worked at NED University as IT Manager for around two and half years. He than moved to the UK and has just completed an MSc in Mobile Computing at Leeds Metropolitan University. He has been involved in different types of projects ranging from computer networks to software development.

Angela Davy, health visitor and new mum
Angela Davy, health visitor and new mum
A qualified Nurse and Midwife before she became a Health Visitor. Angela also teaches Massage, Yoga and Swimming for babies whilst undertaking an MA in Infant Mental Health.

Gill Martin, pre-school educator
Gill Martin, pre-school educator
Gill trained to be a teacher in London and spent the first 4 years teaching in an upper school in Lancashire. For the past 6 years she has been the Foundation Stage Coordinator managing teachers, nursery nurses and children aged 3 to 5 years in an inner city school in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Gill have been married to Phil for over 30 years and they have two married children. When her children were born Gill happily became a stay at home Mum for 11 years and when she returned to teaching it was in the Primary sector.

Frances Byatt-Smith, health visitor
Frances Byatt-Smith, health visitor
Frances is a health visitor with over twenty years experience and is working part-time in an NHS Community Health Partnership in Scotland. She has a particular interest in helping parents to have a positive experience of parenthood and happy children. She does this throughout her work and in delivering positive parenting programmes. Part of her role as a health visitor is a parenting coordinator in her locality. As well as delivering community-parenting programmes, she trains facilitators to deliver the programmes She is also a qualified specialist practice supervisor for public health/health visiting students. Following graduation as a Health Visitor she studied with the Open University and gained an honors degree in psychology in 1993. Frances is married and has a twenty-year-old son. Her interests include cookery, travel, gardening and art.

Heidi Wright
Heidi Wright
Specialist Practitioner in Public Health / Health Visitor

Heidi has held various roles since qualifying as a Specialist Practitioner in Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting). Her experience within the NHS has mostly been within the community field working as a District Nurse, Health Visitor, Public Health Nurse Specialist and held lead Nurse roles. She has also worked as a Lecturer in Community Nursing, Public/Child Health at a number of Universities and continues to lecture with the Open University and the Royal College of Nursing on various modules. Heidi recently completed her phD, which looked at the Health and Educational effects of providing drinking water to children in schools. The government were keen to take on the findings which Heidi presented to the Health Minister Rosie Winterton at the House of Commons in July 2004. Heidi is very excited to be given the opportunity to help and support parents in this innovative and much needed format.

Mary Goodchild, midwife
Mary Goodchild, midwife
Mary has worked as a midwife for 15 years with occasional breaks in her career for children and further study. Over the last 6 years of her midwifery practice, Mary has specialised in fetal medicine in a regional referral unit in the north west of England. Here, she worked closely with consultants to monitor high risk pregnancies, carry out investigations and provide information and support. Her excellent clinical skills as well as her warm sensitive approach and proven academic ability enabled her to provide a very high standard of clinical care for childbearing women. Mary has taken a break from midwifery and has completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has 2 years experience of counselling in a Primary Care Health Centre and she now provides counselling in a hospital setting for women and their partners who have suffered loss or trauma in pregnancy. She is currently undertaking a certificate in body massage and hopes to incorporate this within a stress management programme. Mary is affiliated with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. She is married with 2 children and enjoys running, dancing and reading.

Jackie Charlton
Jackie Charlton
Health Visitor
Jackie has worked as a health visitor in London for the past 12 years. Prior to this she was a school health advisor in inner city schools.
Jackie has a particular interest in facilitating families in the adjustments to parenthood. Resultantly she works very closely with mums (and dads too!) in the detection of post natal depression, and has been a post natal depression counsellor for 8 years.
Having had 2 boys of her own who were terrible sleepers she has enormous empathy for those families who are sleep deprived. She has been running a sleep clinic for 2 years offering support and practical routines for sleep training.
More recently Jackie has undergone extended training in the detection and treatment of minor ailments, and is running a clinic for children in the primary care setting.

Mandy Sagoo
Mandy Sagoo
Health Visitor

Mandy has twenty years experience of working in the NHS. She has been working as a Health Visitor for the past thirteen years and as a Community Practice Teacher for the last eight in the West Midlands. Mandy is a qualified Practice Educator and has recently obtained her Masters in Education. In her spare time she works as a Family Planning Nurse. Mandy has an interest in alternative therapies and is looking forward to starting a Reflexology course in the autumn.

Anne Thysse, midwife
Anne Thysse, midwife
Anne trained as a nurse and midwife in Bristol and Bath and spent some time in the NHS in a variety of areas before setting off with a single suitcase on a supposed “one – year” nursing contract in South Africa. By the time she returned nearly 20 years later she had acquired a husband, 3 children, a container load of household goods and had practised as a midwife and gave independent ante-natal classes in both big city and very rural Botswana. Anne’s broad range of NHS experience now includes working on busy labour wards, setting up and leading a case-loading team, specialising in home births and water-births. To improve her knowledge base Anne gained an MA in Midwifery practice and has recently become a Supervisor of Midwives. In her current role as Practice Development Midwife she runs many different training sessions, including promoting breastfeeding and normality particularly in the high risk setting and drills & skills.

Maranda Kerr,  Health Visitor
Maranda Kerr, Health Visitor
I have been a health visitor for nearly twenty five years now. I enjoy my work especially in the arena of preventing ill health and promoting good health. The main bulk of my work is home visiting and it is a privilege to be invited into someone's home to communicate and support them in their hour of need. My advice is based on research findings. I keep my knowledge up-to-date by attending training and lectures and also reading the relevant government documents and journals. Over the years I have embraced new changes and ideas and I have imparted my knowledge to my colleagues and families. I am approachable, considerate, and non- judgemental.

Lynne Harper,  Health Visitor
Lynne Harper, Health Visitor
Lynne has 20 years experience as a nurse, paediatric nurse and Health Visitor. She qualified as a Health Visitor in 2003. Her interests include, working with the whole family, prevention and early detection of ill health and postnatal depression. Lynne also has a role as a link health Visitor for a lead in Quality Improvement Plans. She has an interest in Quality improvement Plans as they help improve the quality of services for the 0-19 year olds and their families. They help to reduce inequalities and prevent social exclusion. Tackling public health priorities such as reducing teenage pregnancy, obesity, smoking, alcohol, drugs and accident prevention are important when looking at quality improvement plans. Lynne lives with her husband and two children in West Yorkshire and she enjoys going to the gym and socializing with friends and family.

<br>Jan Trezise,  Health visitor

Jan Trezise, Health visitor

Jan gained her Specialist Community Practitioner Degree in 2004 and currently works as a Health Visitor in the very far north of Scotland - a very rural area which has its own unique problems related to isolation and loneliness. She is an advocate for breastfeeding and particularly enjoys supporting those women who have chosen to feed their babies in this way and has recently completed a WHO/UNICEF course in breastfeeding management. Jan also enjoys supporting families whose children present with behavioural problems and has experience in the use of both the Webster-Stratton Incredible Years and Positive Parenting programmes.

<br>Linda Stirling,  Health visitor - Specialist in Public Health / Health Visiting

Linda Stirling, Health visitor - Specialist in Public Health / Health Visiting

I am a happily married mother of three, so I have a good understanding of the trials and tribulations experienced by families. I currently work in Staffordshire within a dedicated team of health visitors. My special interests include managing childrens behaviour; minor ailments; post natal depression and childhood obesity. I believe in the importance of a healthy family life and receive great pleasure from assisting families to gain a healthy life balance. As a health visitor, I feel privileged to be able to go into a parent's home and offer them advice on the health and wellbeing of their child.

<br>Clare Hughes,  Health visitor

Clare Hughes, Health visitor

Clare began her nursing career, fifteen years ago, at Alderhey Childrens Hosptal in Liverpool, she returned to the West Midlands and worked as a peadiatric staff nurse at the Dudley Group of Hospitals, where is specialised in paediatric asthma managment. She then trained to become a Health Visitor, which she throughly enjoys. She works in Dudley in an area with families from all backgrounds and provides support to parents/carers on how to improve their health and well-being and that of their children. She has interests in breastfeeding, mental health, public health and she is a qualified massage instructor.

clare has recenlty been appointed clinical lead for health visiting, and is enjoying this challenging role.

clare enjoys the gym. walking, reading, socialising, and holistic therapies.

<br>Denise Austin,  Midwife

Denise Austin, Midwife

I have been a qualified midwife for over 20 years and at present I am working in a stand alone midwifery led unit in Lichfield Staffordshire. I mentor student midwives and I am developing this link by being involved at the University of Wolverhampton as a clinical midwife.
My interests are in holistic care of which reflexology is one treatment that I enjoy giving to pregnant women.
I have developed my own teaching package for reflexology and wellbeing which I use when giving talks to various groups ranging from primary schools to W.I. (womens institute ).
I am married to Richard and have two grown up children Simon and Sarah.In my spare time I love learning new holistic therapies.

<br>EA DICK. BSc. RGN. RM. Complementary Therapist. Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy, Diploma in Reflexology. Reiki Master.HypnoBirthing®Practitioner.

EA DICK. BSc. RGN. RM. Complementary Therapist. Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy, Diploma in Reflexology. Reiki Master.HypnoBirthing®Practitioner.

Supervisor Of Midwife.
Midwife, Southern General Maternity Unit, Glasgow. (15yrs). Student Liaison Midwife and Representative on the student mentorship forum group. Representative on the board of education at Glasgow Caledonian University.

I have been a midwife in Glasgow for 15 years, and a Supervisor of midwives for 3 years. I work in a large teaching hospital, and I am very involved in student midwifery education and development. I am a representative on the board of education at Glasgow Caledonian University and also a representative on the mentorship forum group. I provide a high standard of care to all women and to their partners, in all aspects of birthing.

My main interests are Complementary Therapies and a HypnoBirthing®Practitioner, which I utilise within my current practice as a midwife and also as a therapist. I am currently studying for a baby massage teaching certificate.

<br>Rebecca Hunt, Midwife

Rebecca Hunt, Midwife

My name is Rebecca Hunt, I qualified as a Midwife in March 2000 after doing my training in Sheffield, I have worked at 2 consultant units and have gained a lot of experience in high risk antenatal, postnatal and intrapartum care, but presently I am working at the low risk Midwifery Led Unit in Lichfield, staffordshire.

My Main interests are low risk midwifery and water births, and I am due to commence a course in aromatherapy in September 2009.
I am married to my husband John and I have been part time since having my 2 boys Henry and William.

In my spare time we enjoy as a family boating and water skiing.

<br>Sarah Fleming, Midwife

Sarah Fleming, Midwife

Sarah qualified as a midwife in 1995 and has worked both in hospital and community settings.
For the past seven years, she has specialised in caring for women and their families who have lost a baby – through miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or neonatal death.
Sarah also works as part of a team supporting women with postnatal depression, and their families.

<br>Clare Priest, BSc Exercise, Nutrition & Health

Clare Priest, BSc Exercise, Nutrition & Health

I am currently studying at University of Central Lancashire in Preston and have just finished my second year.
During last year I worked at Wigan Warriors Rugby Club both pre-season and throughout the playing season which involved helping to create personal diet plans each week for selected players.
I have also recently provided nutrition advice for mixed martial arts fighters and boxers via
Next year after I graduate, I am planning to do an MSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in order to register with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and become a Dietician.

<br>Diana Davidson, Health Visitor

Diana Davidson, Health Visitor

I have 16 years experience as a Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor. I qualified as Health Visitor 2001 and work as a Specialist Practice Teacher/Health Visitor for four years. I enjoy supporting student Health Visitors in clinical practice.

I am interested in promoting and sustaining breastfeeding in the community and as La League Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor, I facilitate the training for Peer-Support Counsellors and following completion of the training they are offered supervision. I am also a Lead Health Visitor of a Community Breastfeeding group. I am keen to expand my experience and I am to attend the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Course - Train the Trainer course, following completion of the course and I am to facilitate in-service training for the staff.

My current caseload is in an area of deprivation and I enjoy the challenges of working with families and children who have complex needs.

<br>Nicola Joseph, Health Visitor

Nicola Joseph, Health Visitor

Nicola is a paediatric nurse and for the last six years has worked as a Health Visitor. She is married with a nine year old daughter.

Nicola works exclusively in community settings and devotes her time to working with families, with the specific aim of promoting healthy lifestyles and enhancing the emotional, physical and mental well-being of as many people as possible. She set up her independent health visiting service in 2007, , and divides her time between the NHS and working independently to offer extra support to parents and families.

Nicola has recently finished a course in baby massage, and offers this to clients on a one to one or group basis.

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