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creative play for parenting
wash_veg.jpgHelping Mum or Dad
Small children love to help especially if they are praised for helping. One way to encourage them to help and eat better is to engage them in food preparation. This can be use to introduce foods to a fussy eater. It will expose the child to the food several times before offering the food on the plate. It will also develop their fine motor skills.
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hide.gifHide and Seek
Hide and Seek is a great game for developing auditory sense as well as agility.When playing the game with younger children we need to play it slightly differently in order to increase the child's sensory awareness and in particular their auditory senses.
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game_jan07.gifHow do I feel
Playing games with your children can help them to feel good about themselves. This game helps children to explore their emotions and become aware of them. It is a good game to play when all the family members are present and the baby can also be involved.
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wellies.jpgPuddle Splashing
Try this activity on a rainy day with your toddler and pre school child. Children love to got outside and can enjoy being outside on a rainy day Remember to always supervise your child when playing in water no matter how shallow
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