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Not Nice To Lice

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  not nice to lice shampoo head lice shampoo for nits
head lice shampoo for nits

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Not Nice to Lice contains protease enzymes and has the following benefits for customers:

  • Safe - can be used for all the family including babies, pregnant / nursing mothers
  • On the head for as little as 10 minutes - great news for parents with active children.
  • Cost per treatment can be as low as £1.00
  • Recommended by the FHBF (Freelance Hair and Beauty Federation) following a trial in schools
  • To date no problem with resistance of head lice and an excellent alternative to products containing pesticides and aromatherapy treatments.
  • No waiting period required between treatments.

Not Nice to Lice is safe enough to use weekly, as prevention is always better then cure.

This product solves the constant problem of re-infestation and gives... peace of mind

The pleasant peppermint oil fragrance means that you do not need to 'hold your nose' or exclude other members of the family from the house whilst treating.

Following a patient's request to their physician, Not Nice to Lice has been featured in The New Generalist (the magazine of the Royal College of General Practitioners) and again featured in the Nursing in Practice journal on two occasions.

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The James Family The James family uses only this treatment to maintain the family's hair in a clean and healthy condition

What a fantastic product!!! Since using it our girls no longer hate having their hair washed. The minty smell is delicious and we just can't get over how effective the shampoo is at dealing with nasty lice n nits. How many other products tick so many boxes? It's pesticide free, lice can't become resistant, it smells great, it's done in 15mins!!! Thank you, Thank you...
Mrs James and family
from Ipswich, Suffolk

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Not Nice To Lice
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