How do I feel? - creative playCreative Play - How do I feel?

Playing games with your children can help them
to feel good about themselves. Children love creative play so enjoy this parenting activity.

The following game helps children to
explore their emotions and become aware of them.

It is a good game to play when all the family members
are present and the baby can also be involved.


First of all it is necessary for the parents to think up several positive words that express feelings as well as negative words. Try to keep it close to the level of the child.


  • Start the game by one member of the group saying:
    ‘I feel a noise inside me and it sounds like this ……………..’ Laugh, hip, hip horary etc.

  • Then everyone repeats it saying dad has a noise inside him and it sounds like ….. Because he is excited or happy.
  • Continue with each person in the group.
  • Mum has a noise inside her that goes like this……. A sigh because she needs a rest or is tired.
    A grunt because she is annoyed etc.
  • Everyone acts out the noise that way everyone feels listened to and learns about how their feeling and why.
  • When a baby takes part who cannot speak everyone just copies what the baby does.
  • Another variation is to ask the child what sound they make when they are happy.
    Try to make a sound that fits the feeling and act out the feeling.

    Frances Byatt-Smith RN RHV BA (Hons) Psychology


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How do I feel
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