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scared150.jpgEasily scared
My daughter is is a really well behaved child and everyone absolutely loves her at mums and toddlers groups. She is brilliant with helping with little things and talking to people. My problem is she is too sensitive; she is scared about anything and everything...
springclean_feat.jpgSpring Cleaning - Who says it can't be fun!
At this is the time of year with lighter mornings and longer days and theres all that spring cleaning to be done!! Lets march on!!
picnicnew.jpgWe're going on a picnic
Where to go for your picnic completely depends on your means of transport, your sense of adventure and usually the weather! But don't let heavy showers deter you when you've made up your mind to go for it! You can sit in the front room around the picnic tablecloth, and watch the rain hammer against the windows!
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