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daysleepfeat.jpgA suggested Day Time Routine
Day-time sleep has an effect on night time sleep. Children who eat well during the day and have regular day time naps will in general tend to have a predictable good night’s sleep.
Children who do not have a day time routine often follow the same pattern at night.
crying150.jpgUncontrollable crying
My son is 6 month old and he wakes up from naps in the day, crying, sometime uncontrollable... he usually calms down and goes back sleep.
martekb150.jpgAre we missing out on giving our children a brighter future?
A recent European survey reveals that UK mums and mums-to-be are unaware of the benefits of DHA Omega-3s.
busdirnew.jpgProducts & Services Directory
Take a look at our Products & Services Directory! A Products & Services Directory full of a wonderful variety of products and services such as stylish clothing, Activities, and accessories for infants & children.
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