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sickchildrennew.jpgChildhood Eczema
It is always distressing for parents when their little one has an obvious skin complaint. However, you are not alone! Childhood eczema is an increasing problem affecting 1 in 8 children in the UK. The good news is that most children have mild forms of eczema which can be treated and often clears as they grow older.
cow175.jpgMilk intolerance
My son has recently been diagnosed with reflux and cows milk and soya protein intolerance. I have to avoid giving him dairy and soya and was wondering what I can use as a substitute?
Fever symptoms can vary depending on your child’s age. We have created what we hope will be a helpful guideline to assist you with recognising the signs and symptoms of childhood fever to ensure you will be well prepared should your child become unwell.
nurseandbaby150.jpgBCG injection
Our baby had the BCG injection at birth four weeks ago. Now the site of his injection is red and raised - is this a normal reaction?
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